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Quality and environmental

At Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd, we aim to achieve and maintain a quality management system that is in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. This includes conducting business operations in a sustainable manner to prevent pollution and increase environmentally friendly behaviours.

We aim to integrate our policies with other factors, including customer service, positive workmanship, and with local communities and clients in mind.

Our team endeavours to achieve quality and environmental management in a number of ways:

– Continuously improve our quality and environment system to ensure that it accounts for any changes, and to make sure that our business retains its status as a sustainable solution.
– Train our employees to meet the standards laid out by our sustainable operations, providing necessary equipment.
– Ensure that clients, suppliers, and local communities are satisfied with our regulatory standards whenever possible.
– Adopt a changeable strategy that can adapt to potential risks.
– Ensure that all undertakings comply with codes of practice and obligations applicable to our sector, including products and services, injury prevention, and environmental hazards.
– Create a framework that is adjustable to change, and can effectively monitor, review, and allow us to achieve business targets.
– Use sustainable resources to mitigate climate change, ill health, and support recovering ecosystems and biodiversity in the surrounding environment and worldwide.
– We will continually review our quality and environment system and subject it to external annual audits.

At the forefront of our quality and environmental system is to ensure that customer service is positive and of a high standard. This will be guaranteed through sufficient employee training and recouping based on customer feedback.

For further guidance or information regarding our quality and environment policies, please get in touch with Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd.