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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy | Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd

Marine and Safety Consortium Limited, located at Exchange Building, 66 Church Street, Hartlepool, TS24 7DN, retains the right to process and control personal data concerning our business. As per the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd acknowledges and agrees to handle all personal data collected by our company per the current data protection legislation.

This privacy policy will outline how we will collect, handle, and process any personal data, as per the current regulations.

Why we hold data
There are several reasons why we hold personal data as a business. These include:

To look out for our staff as their employer

As an employer, we have a legal obligation to provide a duty of care towards our staff. Therefore, we may hold personal contact details for our partners and employees to enable us to fulfil this legal obligation. For further information regarding this data storage, please contact us.

To provide services to our clients
As a service provider, we have a legal basis for collecting and processing data relevant to fulfilling our contractual obligations. This data may include personal information, including but not limited to forms of identification such as passports and drivers licences, curriculum vitae, and certificates. As well as this, we may collect financial details we require to process our services, contact details for contractors employees.

Other relevant data, such as those for suppliers, customers, contractors, subcontractors, and related personnel, are held under the same legal basis, enabling us to carry out our business activities. These may include providing our professional services, contracting them for professional services, or managing our cooperation as business associates.

To improve our services
We may hold and utilise personal data to help us provide accurate information to our business partners about our business, such as meeting minutes, relevant contact details, or host relevant events.

We may also use cookies on our website and online platforms to better serve our customers, providing them with accurate information about our services. We will ask for your consent on using non-essential cookies, such as collecting visitor information to improve our website’s user experience or statistical reports on our website’s activity.

How we store our client’s data
The safety and security of your data are of utmost importance to the team at Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd. For this reason, we store any personal data in electronic format, in the first instance, using European data facilities that similarly follow the GDPR legislation. We will hold any paper copies of data in secure locations, such as locked offices.

We will delete or destroy any personal data after six years, as per GDPR, unless the data is still relevant or in use (for instance, if you are still an active client with our team).

We reserve the right to share your information with Government agencies, such as HMRC, as is legally required of us. We may also offer your data to revenant professional services, such as contractors, advisors, and fellow clients.

Your rights
At Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd, we ensure all our staff and partners undertake regular GDPR training, assuring that they are aware of their responsibilities and legal obligations.

As your data belongs to you, you have legal rights under GDPR to access your data at any time, as well as requesting its erasure, restricting its processing, and raising any objections.

Request your data
You retain the right to request a record of any data we hold that pertains to you. Please get in touch with us via email at info@mascltd.com to ask for a copy.

Withdraw your permission
You retain the right to withdraw your consent for our company, Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd, to hold or process your data at any time. If you wish to withdraw your permission, please email us at info@mascltd.com.

Raise any concerns
Should you be concerned about how we are processing, storing, or using your data, you may contact us directly at info@mascltd.com. If you remain concerned about your data after the first instance of contacting us, you can contact the Information Commissioners Office for further assistance.

Contact us
If you have any questions or queries about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us via email at info@mascltd.com or call us on +44(0)7815699185.

We endeavour to maintain our privacy policy to the highest standard for your safety and security. So, please note that this privacy policy is subject to change, and we will update our policies to reflect any new legislation in the UK.