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Health and Safety

Marine and Safety Consortium provide sustainable services for a variety of sectors. However, at the forefront of these undertakings is our commitment to high-quality health and safety standards that safeguard our business partners, clients, and neighbouring communities.

Our health and safety standards are in accordance with the British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems. The OHSAS 45001 management system is the method used to adequately monitor and record all of our operations. This system allows us to take preventative maintenance against potential hazards as and when warning signals arise.

Responsible measures
It is our responsibility to ensure that suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders adhere to current safety measures and understand what is expected to guarantee the safety of others. To do this, we will facilitate a safe environment to eradicate health risks and lead by example.

Marine and Safety Consortium health and safety policies will be the primary way for us to fulfil these requirements, and reduce injuries and health problems for all parties involved. This includes neighbouring communities that may be affected by gas or oil emissions.

Staff and contractors will be trained to guarantee health and safety measures are upheld and will be encouraged to report health and safety concerns with senior staff members. The aim of these measures is to protect humans, the environment, and reduce liabilities and losses.

How do we expect to achieve this?
– Ensure that all staff members and personnel are trained and feel competent to perform their tasks;
– Make sure that all equipment and substances are handled safely and used only where necessary;
– Promote and maintain safe working conditions at all operational levels;
– Subject our health and safety standards to regular monitoring and revies;
– Provide adequate welfare provisions for staff members;
– Implement new measures in accordance with ongoing risk assessment findings;
– Set up emergency procedures that all personnel are aware of;
– Provide information and instruction to all parties regarding operations that could affect health and safety.

A commitment to community, contractors, and the environment
Whether based in-office or offshore, we are committed to promoting safe working practices. Therefore, Marine and Safety Consortium endeavour to employ health and safety procedures that protect all parties involved and who may be affected.

Only through this commitment to British regulatory health and safety standards can we demonstrate strong occupational health and safety awareness, and fulfil our responsibilities outlined above.

Through designated duties, we are able to reflect our commitment to others. These designated duties include:

– Investigating security, hygiene, hazardous substances, accidents, and first-aid claims;
– Create and maintain a training matrix for staff and other personnel;
– Recommend changes to health and safety policies based on developments or risk assessments;
– Prevent the reoccurrence of accidents or injuries where they arise through thorough investigation;
– To promote an interest in health and safety matters;
– To ensure that all levels of business, from supervisory staff to company directors, are aware of their individual responsibilities in maintaining health regulations.

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