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The purpose of our ethical standards
Upholding ethical standards is at the forefront of our company aims and plays a huge part in health and safety policies as well CSR commitments.

Throughout our many years of business operations in marine and healthy safety matters, Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd remains committed to a strict ethical code as dictated by corporate behaviour practices.

We protect and promote the freedoms of all parties involved, from clients and contractors to employees and other stakeholders. We do not accept bribery and corruption in any capacity and will always ensure that business partners are aware of this policy and comply with its regulations.

Our business practices are in accordance with human rights and worker regulatory standards and believe that this commitment plays a huge role in the success of our business through a positive workforce and cooperation.

Workers’ rights
Marine and Safety Consortium endeavours to meet employment standards as laid out in current legislation and regulations. We will go beyond this in our everyday activities to protect employees in circumstances peculiar to our business.

Our CSR statement underlines our commitment to social inclusion in the workplace. Most importantly, no worker will be subjected to unfair treatment or exclusion based on the following factors:

– Religion or belief systems
– Sexual orientation
– Gender
– Age
– Race
– Marital status
– Pregnancy
– Gender reassignment

We will not prevent any staff members from joining a trade union that they believe reflects their individual needs. If a worker fails to join a trade union or organisation, they once again will not be penalised. Neither do we accept any other forms of bullying or harassment in the workplace.

All workers in the same position will receive equal pay. We will make sure that all workers are aware of their wage before agreeing to any (non-) contractual work, and ensure that they are aware of overtime provisions, pay dates, and in what form they will be paid. We will also make provisions for:

– Maternity/paternity leave
– Annual leave
– Sick leave

Human rights
We aim to adhere to the Human Rights Act of 1998 and guarantee the fundamental freedoms of all business associates.

This means that we are opposed to all forms of slavery and other degrading acts. We will not tolerate religious persecution, nor suppress freedom of thought or speech.

We will not support any persons, company, or business that engages in inhuman and cruel acts.

Information and confidentiality
Confidentiality is important in building trust with employees, clients, and stakeholders. We understand that failure to protect sensitive information is a breach of privacy.

Therefore, Marine and Safety Consortium conducts business to business operations in accordance with data protection legislation.

We are committed to strict data protection when dealing with private or sensitive information. We will always inform parties what this information is to be used for and restrict its usage to those purposed only.

Environmental issues
We have a quality and environment management system to ensure that environmental impact is minimised through sustainable business operations.

We endeavour to minimise health risks to marine life, staff members, clients, local communities, as well as worldwide.

Bribery and corruption
We do not accept any forms of bribery or corruption as outlined by the Bribery Act of 2010. This includes bribing another person, accepting a bribe, and bribing a public official.

As a company, we are committed to the prevention of bribery and understand its far-reaching implications for our business and affected parties.

For this reason, we will work to identify key areas of risk when trading with clients and continually subject our anti-bribery procedures to review and planning.

We will train our staff accordingly to make sure that are aware of what is acceptable or unacceptable according to the 2010 Act. No staff members, agents, or business partners are permitted to make or receive bribes.

Where an employee or associative company member is found guilty of this unethical practice, they will be subjected to disciplinary action and will be considered solely responsible for their behaviour. They will also be asked to pay remedial costs, such as expenses and court fees.

Suppliers and other third-party members
We endeavour to work with companies and suppliers who are committed to upholding ethical standards that comply with our own. We inform potential business partners that we may withdraw from proceedings in instances where they act contrary to ethical and moral standards.

All new suppliers will be subject to ethical record investigations before an agreement goes ahead, and further information may be requested.

If you require information regarding our ethical and moral code of conduct, please get in touch.