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CSR statement

Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd comprise a team of professionals who provide marine, senior site and construction management, and health and safety solutions for businesses. Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of sectors, including shipping industries, renewable and oil and gas companies.

We are aware of our obligation to conduct operations in accordance with global societal standards. Therefore, we carry out our sustainable activities with clients, suppliers, and the general public in mind. Our policy includes a number of initiatives to promote relations with people and environments affected by our business operations to cultivate a supportive community.

At the forefront of our business operations is the continual support and training programmes offered to our employees, who are valued and given necessary feedback to thrive under Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd.

We continue to train our workforce in line with current safety regulations so that everyone remains clear on our business goals and objectives. Where considerable effort and outstanding performance is exhibited, we recognise it and reward it.

The cornerstone of any workmanship is the relationship between employees and clients, and we exercise high standards to ensure good practice.

Social inclusion is at the forefront of our business, with every team member experiencing the same level of fairness and equality.

When it comes to our clients, we look to the future and aim to foster a relationship that goes beyond their initial aims. We work alongside stakeholders to understand their aims and respond positively to changes.

We operate with confidentiality and reliability in mind – endeavouring to remain impartial and transparent in all our business handlings with clients.

We do not overlook the value of our consultants and suppliers, but instead, intend to generate strong bonds that promote growth from business to business.

We select clients who share our employment objectives and environmental ethos so that we can further our achievements together.

We believe it is our corporate responsibility to communicate well with suppliers and potential suppliers for honest and open consultancy.

Health and safety
Marine and Safety Consortium Ltd aim to meet UK health and safety standards all-around. We are certified health and safety professionals abiding by a written Health and Safety System which is constantly reviewed and updated in accordance with new regulations.

Our business operates in line with appropriate Environmental Systems that allow for sustainable procurement. We use the latest technology to minimise the impact of our activities on local communities, marine life, and the global world.

We are constantly creating environmental targets and ensuring that each member of our business community, from employees to suppliers, is operating in accordance with them. We take on advice as an effort to improve environmental performance.

The community
We aim to minimise the effect on local communities that have the potential to be affected by our business operations.

We are sensitive to the needs of local peoples and understand the significance of conducting work in line with socially responsible and ethical guidelines.

For more information regarding our policies, contact Marine and Safety Consortium today at +44(0)7815699185 or email info@mascltd.com